Our Students Get the Top Opportunities

Our Undergraduate Research and Fellowships Programs help students pursue fellowships, grants, scholarships and awards for study

A Wide Variety of Activities

There is always something happening on the National University campus. Performances, events and other recreational activities are open to all.

Immerse into the Learning Process

With an extensive range of available specialties, disciplines, and educational resources, every student at our campus can learn and become more.

A Friendly Student Community

At our campus, students can get extensive support in every aspect of their studies including educational materials, assistance in lectures and seminars etc.



Our Campus Offers Students Dozens of Opportunities

Our beautiful campus offers students the best of education and entertainment opportunities available in the area for every student and university entrant.

Why Campus Life?

Campus Life is the hub to a talented and diverse student community. If you’re serious about academics and driven to turn opportunities into success, we want to hear from you.

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Apply to CL

Living on campus is an essential component of the university experience. Studies show that it can help you earn a higher GPA and graduate on time. If you’re thinking of making your home in one of our 14 residence halls, contact us today!

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Discover Us

Campus Life is always ready to give new students a way to develop themselves in order to enjoy the life at the University. Discover the life at CL by taking a virtual tour through our facilities and getting to know our staff and students.

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Start Learning Online Today

Set your schedule, pick your course and start learning. Even if you live far from our university and campus, we can provide you with knowledge and qualification for your future profession via our online study programs.

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of our graduates got jobs related to the degree they received at our university.


is the average number of students that are annually enrolled at CL.


is the overall student GPA average for the summer-fall of 2016.


Interdisciplinary Programs in 2016/2017 study year

Success Stories

The First Year Program at Campus Life affords so much more than opportunity, flexibility, great classes and advisors, as well as an environment that emanates success—it allows dreams to become imaginable and realized.

Rita Johnson, 2011

Online programs at CL allowed me to acquire the skills I needed to take control of my life and get on the road to the career I want. With the help of my advisor, I was able to set goals and a road map that allowed me to get my education while balancing a job and family.

James Smith, 2014

Campus Life and National University educated me formally, opening channels of instruction to round out my life experience and prepare me for a 21st century marketplace. It has been an amazing journey. One of the proudest moments in my life was getting my Bachelor Degree.

Sara Lee, 2016
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